Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Through My Daughter's Eyes

This morning I wanted to write about a teenager that Wows me. This individual has a very strong personality. This can be a good thing if used for good. This teen has so much love to give. (I am going to give a hint now) "She" works very hard in her studies and her grades so it. It is always fun to have her talk to me about her day and she tells me that she is hyper right now, or sometime during the day. She is very organized with her life. She is responsible with her possessions in her life, and her obligations. She is on top of things. She is so loving and caring for the family pets. She has so much fun with the leaders and past leaders in her Young Women's. She is helpful around the house. Just like any other teenager, loves the computer, Internet, and cell phone. She has a love for children and babysitting. Of course, if you know our family at all, "she" is my daughter, Elyssa.
Those are all great qualities, but I want to tell you about a couple of others that I admire. I look at her testimony and I am impressed. For the past six months I have witness the growth of her testimony, and have heard her bear it publically a couple of times. What a strength to know where your strength in life comes from. She loves her Heavenly Father and knows him. Wow!
That may seem little, but I see it as, when times are tough, she knows where to go and who to rely on for strength. She depends on the most dependable.
Another quality I am impress with and probably envious of her ability to perform in front of crowds. As a little girl, she would sing a cute little song in front of the family. She then sang at her brother's baptism. In fifth grade, her teacher asked her if she would sing a solo. That is hard enough, but it would be in front of her whole school. Right now, I believe it would be great to do a comparison story.
When I was in Kindergarten, our school was having a May Day assembly. The sixth graders were weaving the ribbons on the May pole. Anyways, they asked me to jump rope in front of the whole school, because I was a pretty good jump roper. They called me up and I just sat there. Mrs. Williams came to me and tried to get me to go jump rope. I sat there and I started to cry. To say the least, I never jump roped in front of the school. I lack the courage.
Last week, Elyssa sang another solo. She sang one in front of a judge, and in front of the sixth graders at an Elementary school. Wow! What courage she has, and that isn't mentioning the talent of her beautiful voice. Double Wow!
Elyssa, I want you to always remember and never forget that you are loved. You are loved by your Heavenly Father, so walk tall. I know for a fact that your family loves you. Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you. "Through My Daughter's Eyes" I have learned so much.


Abbynormal said...

Go Elyssa! You truly are such a great daughter and friend. Love you!

Thanks for writing this post. She deserves the recognition.

Anonymous said...

What a great Blog. Elyssa is a great person to be around. I love to hear her sing. It hurts a lot that she won't sing me to sleep anymore like she did when she was young.