Thursday, May 10, 2007

ceiling fans

Ceiling Safety

by Elyssa this blog is all about ceiling safety. the most important thing to remember is to SECURE ALL BOLTS AND SCREWS!!!!!!! and if you here the fan shaking CHECK IT OUT!!this is why you need to know this safety, cause this can happen to you.

well, this last tuesday i was home, it was about 10:00p.m. and Tyler and Bryson were downstairs getting ready for bed. my parents were on their way home and i was wanting to show them a few things. after 10min. i decided that i would show them in the morning. so i went up stair and turned on the ceiling fan. i went towards my bed and dropped a few papers that i needed to look at, but that wasn't the only thing that dropped. my fan fell from my ceiling and smacked me right on the top of my head.
i had no idea what to do! so i just started screaming. i actually felt like a kid at that moment. when you scream at the top of your lungs. at the time it didn't seem like it really hurt, it was just unexpected. so now i'm crying, i can barely breath (i'm starting to get an asthma attack), and i'm hunched over on the floor coughing my lungs out, all at the same time. Tyler and Byrson probably didn't know what was happening. so i'm like this for about 5 min. then my parents came home and they helped me with calming my breathing and once i was at little bit calmer i went into their bed and put so ice on my head. my mom called Tyler and Bryson up and told them what happened. when the pain got worse and in my point of shock of not being able to talk without my voice shaking i asked them to give me a blessing. and i just want to thank them for doing that for me. that was really nice of them.
so i had to stay up till about 11:30p.m. just to make sure that i didn't have a concussion. in the end i had a major goose egg on my head and a terrible headache. but now i'm all better and i don't have a concussion. but that is what happens when you don't pay much attention.