Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A New Start in the Blogging World

Just like a marriage or having children, you really don't know what you are into until you are experiencing it. That is how I feel about this Blogging World. I have muddled through the set up and adding pictures, and this is the first "Blog". Abbey, Tyler's friend, girlfriend, or whatever they may be, has introduced us to the Blogging world. We thought it was cool, and we were very impressed. We, as a family, thought it would be fun to keep up a site while Colby is on his mission. It is scary, yet exciting. A new frontier is about to begin.


Abbey Road said...

Welcome to blogging!!!!

Love Abby

PS If you need any help at all let me know. From this first post it already looks like you are doing a fine job.

Lorri said...

Thanks to Abby! She's been trying to inspire me, but my life isn't all that interesting to me, let alone anyone else. Good job!