Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ideas for when you are stuck in snow

Information to remember if you get your car stuck in the snow. A few years ago, we drove to Beaver and drove up the canyon. We were in our new Suburban and decided to go on a dirt road. Well it really wasn't dirt, it was snowy, icy roads. Well we started up the road, but soonly got stuck. Our wheels were spinning, which were creating an icy rut. We had a car load of people. We were in four wheel drive and could not get our vehicle out of this rut. Our resources were limited. Since resources were limited, our creativity kicked in. We ended up trying to find rocks to put in front of the tires. But there were frozen in the ground. So we got the garbage out of the car and the dirty clothes. We stuff them under the tires. With a push, we were soon on our way.

This story came to mind, after I stopped to help some kids stuck off the side of the road. Once again, there were icy rut where the tires were spinning. I said there is no traction. The girls said, I know. I don't know what to do. I starting scanning the ground. I found some pine cones and pine boughs. With a push and the pine cones, they were on their way.

It sure give one a good feeling, to help people. It sure lifts one's spirit, when you help someone along the road in life.

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Abbynormal said...

Way to go! I'm always scared to get stuck and that some creepy guy will come and help me but those girls were lucky.