Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Family

OK. This is it. My first post on the family blog. Debbie stayed up all night last night to set this blog up, so I thought I should at least write a little something this morning. Maybe a little about the family would be good for those of you who are just joining the blog for the first time:

I'm Dean - I'm the dad. I was raised in Central California, met Debbie at college and moved to Los Angeles for much of the first ten years of our marriage. We then moved to Salt Lake City area in 1991, and have been in the area ever since.

Debbie - she's the mom, was raised in Whittier and Hacienda Heights California. She went off to college in Idaho where she and I met. She tried to live in my hometown of Merced, California for a few months after our marriage, but she is a Southern California girl, and so we were back to Southern California. I next tried to pull her away to Missoula, Montana, but when the temperature dipped below zero, we were on our way back to Sunny Southern California. In 1991 we finally broke the ties of Southern California when I was transferred with work to Salt Lake City. We have spent the last 15 years in the Salt Lake area.

Tyler - he's the oldest son. Tyler returned last fall from serving a mission in Bangkok, Thailand for the Mormon church. He works full time at Fidelity Investments, and he is a full time student at University of Utah. He can tell you more about himself.

Bryson - he's the second son (by less than 5 minutes). (Tell me if these two sound like twins). He returned this fall from serving a mission in Tampa, Florida. He works full time at Fidelity Investments, and he is a full time studentat Universty of Utah. He can tell you more about himself.

Colby - he's the baby boy. He is leaving on a mission for the Mormon church next Wednesday. He will spend the next two years in Montreal, Canada.

Elyssa - she is the baby. She is about to turn 16 and spends her time chatting with boys and singing. She loves both of them. I hope she gets on American Idol, wins it all, and shares her winnnings with her Dad.

That's the family. They can tell you more themselves. I will try to write from time to time on this and post some pics. Anyway, here is the latest pic. we have of the whole gang, taken last weekend when we went ice fishing at Fish lake in Southern Utah. BTW, Bryson is the hungy one in the picture. You can guess the rest.



Abbey Road said...

DEAN! I am more than proud of this post. I can't wait to read more.

Lorri said...

Cool stuff. It was fun getting to know each of you!