Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Colby's letter in MTC 2/25/07

So you all had a lot going on this week it sounds like. You all had alot of questions for me. I will answer them. I just had a few things to ask before I get to that. I think it would be cool to get Motab music or some Disney. Thank you for the pictures those help a ton. There seemed like there was something else, but I have to say I have forgotten.

Dad---I will start with Dad's green letter because it is right in front of me. Well, I don't have any good idea for blogging. With my schedule I wake at 6:30. I am in class by 7:00, read the Book of Mormon til 7:15---go to breakfast---go back to class for about 4 hours--eat lunch at 11:50---go back to class for another 4 hours until about 4:50---go to dinner. Monday morning we do service and I have gym periods Monday through Friday. Sundays are meetings and personal study, but 7:00, we have a devotional. After devotional we have movie night, and this week they are playing The Testament movie. That will be awesome. On Tuesdays, we have another devotional where at least someone from the Seventies come and speak to us.

You asked about getting up at 6:30 and it isn't too bad. The problem is getting to sleep at 10:30. I have had a slight case of insomnia. I get into my bed and just lay there forever before I fall asleep. It is weird.

Congratulations on the science fair. How did the High School fair go? I think that answers, at least the better part of your questions. It sounds like Rock Springs is going pretty well though. Did you ever get in contact with Darin Woods? Are you still talking to Gregerson a lot? Have you went out golfing since the Jimmy Open? Well I guess, on to Mom's card.

Mom--well my MTC experience is honestly amazing. I will admit though that I have been homesick a few times, but only for a few minutes at a time. Everyone here is amazing. Elder Muir and I get along very well. I could only compare it to Bryson and Elder Herrera, I think, because we aren't companions, but we do a lot together. My comp is rad and Elder Ward is cool, and that is everyone in our room. I have a kid in my district that went to Altara(their elementary school in Sandy) the same time I did, but we didn't have any of the same teachers, his name is Elder Payne. Then his companion, Elder McCarthy, is from New Zealand and I love that kid, he is so awesome. Oh I just remembered the other thing I was going to ask. Elder McCarthy's birthday is in a month, so you should send him a present. I think he took a liking to my towel with "Hutchings" embroidered into it. So if you can send him something like that or anything, because I don't think that he will be receiving much of anything. Since he is from New Zealand. This kid is amazing and has an amazing accent. We have another 4 elders in our district and they are all way rad. One is from Wisconsin, one is from Texas, one if from Kemmerer, Wyoming and one is from back East somewhere.

Elyssa---Congratulations! That is so cool on the science fair. About the survivor from the Holocaust, his book is up in my old room. How is school and choir going? So did you end up taking the cell phone?

Bryson---So did Scott and Becca end up going out again? How is work and school going? Well the language is going great. I have been here for 11 days and have taught the first half of the first lesson in French. That seems like it is a good sign. I don't much time and need to write Tyler's part.

Tyler--What have you been up to? How is Abbey? tell her I am disappointed that I haven't received a letter from her yet. How is school? How is work? Well man I gotta go--peace out now.

Well, family, I love you all and I m doing great. I have spent about $80 on shots between flu and Hep B. I am doing great and hope all of you are also. I am now off to a devotional. Then off to watch "The Testament" movie. I will catch ya later.

Much love,

Elder Colby Hutchings

PS You aren't the only ones who haven't heard from my friends. As of now, I have only heard from Kylee (2 letters) Peace out

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