Monday, February 19, 2007

Can you get too much of a good thing?

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? I know that when you eat too much ice cream you get sick. If you drink too much water or milk in a period of time, "the gallon challenge", you WILL throw up. Is talking on the phone too much good or bad? Is watching too much TV? What about the computer or internet? What about hanging with friends? How about working too much? Can there be too much golf?

My thought is there should be balance in life. If one put too much in the balance on one side or the other, life becomes out of balance. If you eat too much of your favorite dish or food, your body gets sick, or fat. If one watches too much TV, you loose the chances of experiencing life. If one spends too much time on the internet, life will slowly slip away and you'll wonder what happened to life.

How do we keep balance in our lives? It is sometimes hard to see ourselves, because we are too involved. We have each other to help keep balance in our lives. It is if we will listen. Most of the time, others can see what we are too caught up to see. Just like a picture or a sunset, colors are in full balance and they are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

you were just looking for and excuse to post that picture. It is beautiful nice job. Good post also

The Other Girlfriend said...

Very good post. Very true post. That is a beautiful picture. You need to get Tyler to paint it.

Guess said...

Such a nice picture ... and some very profound words. Balance can be tricky.