Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can we make a difference in a child's life?

Well, Colby stated that it had been so long since anyone had blogged. So here it is Colby.

I had all intentions to write about my Dad for his birthday and that was May 13. But, I will wait on that and write about my time in California.

I flew to my brother's who lives in Vacaville. His daughter, Westley, 12, needed to go into the hospital for a 2 week treatment. You see, she has Cystic Fibrosis, CF. Here is the description of Cystic Fibrosis from USA Health.

Description of Cystic FibrosisCystic fibrosis

(CF) primarily affects the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems, as well as the sweat glands. The mucus secreted is very thick and blocks passageways in the lungs and digestive tracts.
Cystic fibrosis is transmitted to a child when both parents carry the recessive gene but do not have the disease. When such a couple has children, there is a 25 percent chance that one of their children will develop cystic fibrosis; there is a 50 percent chance that the child will carry the gene, but will not have the disease; and a 25 percent chance that the child will be totally unaffected.
Cystic fibrosis is the most common fatal hereditary disorder for Caucasians in the U.S. About 1 in 2500 Caucasians are affected, and more than 10 million people (one in 31 Americans; one in 28 Caucasians) is an unknowing, symptomless carrier of the defective gene.
The average lifespan of a person affected with CF is between 28 and 30 years of age. As with any "average" this means that some with this disease now live well beyond this age. With the introduction of medications and drainage procedures, children with CF, who years ago would have died before reaching adulthood, are now often living into mid-adulthood and beyond. The cause of death in CF patients is usually respiratory tract infections or respiratory distress, coupled with enlargement of the right side of the heart (cor pulmonale).

So I was able to stay two nights with Westley at the hospital. This is very hard for Westley and they other children there. Believe me, there are alot of children there. At UCSF Hospital, they have set up a school room that they do different experiments, or play games there. They have an All Star room, where they have Play Station or Ninetendo. They also have 6 computers set up for the children to use during specific hours.

Here you wouldn't see kids with skater shoes or the latest Holister or Roxy clothing line being adorned. Here you see children with no hair, with 5 different IV bags full of medicine bags on their IV poles on wheels. They have their hospital gowns on just enjoying the time out of their rooms. This was the time Westley enjoyed the most. She would down a can of ensure, which she can't stand, just to go to the Allstar lab and get on the internet to communicate with the outside world.

Seeing this got me thinking, is there anything that I can do to help? Is there local or national companies that can donate time, computers, games, and services to help these children enjoy their stay at the hospital a little more.

Honestly, I could not tell you if our local hosptials are set up nicer or if they need help in this department. This is going to be my quest. Does anybody have any ideas or connections? Let me know. is the website for Cystic Fibrosis Organization

Thursday, May 10, 2007

ceiling fans

Ceiling Safety

by Elyssa this blog is all about ceiling safety. the most important thing to remember is to SECURE ALL BOLTS AND SCREWS!!!!!!! and if you here the fan shaking CHECK IT OUT!!this is why you need to know this safety, cause this can happen to you.

well, this last tuesday i was home, it was about 10:00p.m. and Tyler and Bryson were downstairs getting ready for bed. my parents were on their way home and i was wanting to show them a few things. after 10min. i decided that i would show them in the morning. so i went up stair and turned on the ceiling fan. i went towards my bed and dropped a few papers that i needed to look at, but that wasn't the only thing that dropped. my fan fell from my ceiling and smacked me right on the top of my head.
i had no idea what to do! so i just started screaming. i actually felt like a kid at that moment. when you scream at the top of your lungs. at the time it didn't seem like it really hurt, it was just unexpected. so now i'm crying, i can barely breath (i'm starting to get an asthma attack), and i'm hunched over on the floor coughing my lungs out, all at the same time. Tyler and Byrson probably didn't know what was happening. so i'm like this for about 5 min. then my parents came home and they helped me with calming my breathing and once i was at little bit calmer i went into their bed and put so ice on my head. my mom called Tyler and Bryson up and told them what happened. when the pain got worse and in my point of shock of not being able to talk without my voice shaking i asked them to give me a blessing. and i just want to thank them for doing that for me. that was really nice of them.
so i had to stay up till about 11:30p.m. just to make sure that i didn't have a concussion. in the end i had a major goose egg on my head and a terrible headache. but now i'm all better and i don't have a concussion. but that is what happens when you don't pay much attention.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Colby's April 23, 2007

Alright, so it is the first P day here and it is way rad out here. I left the MTC at 4:00 in the morning on Monday. I said my good byes and departed from Elder Shaw, my MTC companion, and all of the other elders who were going to other places than Montreal. I saw everyone, my family, at the airport. We then flew to Chicago, and were at the airport for 45 minutes and then we arrived at Montreal. After we flew in, we went to the president's house and just chilled. It was actually a nice relaxing time. Then we had dinner, then we had FHE and then we went to bed.
The second day was way awesome. It started off with some initiatory things like training and whatever. Then we met with the president. We then went on some exchanges with a bunch of different elders. I went with Elder Applegate. We went to a question and answer meeting with a 20 yr old Hatian girl and that lasted quite a while. Towards the end of the meeting, her mom came out with two bowls of soup for Elder Applegate and me. So we started eating as she continued to ask questions. Elder Applegate answered the questions and I just try to keep up with the conversation trying to translate in my head. Translating is very exhausting and my head hurt quite a bit. Back to the girl, she went out of the room for a second and Elder Applegate pulls something out of his mouth and said, "I will tell you what that is in a while." So I continued eating my soup and it was way delicious. She kept asking questions and he answers them, while I try to translate in my head while eating the soup. Then it came time for us to go and so we left the apartment. On the way to the bus stop, I ask him what he pulled out of his mouth and his response was, "well my friend that was a cow's toenail...yes you just ate Cow Foot Soup." I mean how awesome is that...I ate Cow Foot Soup on my first day and it was so good.
My area is really sweet. My trainer is Elder Welker of Idaho Falls. He goes home in two months, so I think he is a little trunky, but whatever. The work is still moving, and my area rocks. We have a family, the Draou, that were Muslim but they are really close to baptism. They are amazingly nice and it will be fun working with them. By far the coolest part is a recent convert and his wife that we are still teaching and then another couple in the ward, the Cantan family. (So I am going to go off here for a second. Let me tell you about my first area in Canada, I am on the Island of Montreal. Speaking French and learning French is really difficult, with contacting and teaching etc...) So back to the RC (recent convert) and his wife and then the Family Cantan both couples are deaf, so now I get to learn French Sign language also. How cool is that!!!! Oh, I am so excited. It is so much fun to see and pick up different signings here and there, it is just awesome. We also have a ward member Martine that does most of the signing. She is very good at signing and that helps out a ton. She teaches us sometimes too.
The only thing I can think to tell you is that we had a meeting with a 7th day Adventist. That was very difficult because he was there to bible bash with us. There was just a lot of contention in the room and so I ended up saying, in my broken French that the meeting was ridiculous, and we were here to share with him the Book of Mormon. We invited him to pray about it. He went off again. He was bringing up scriptures in the Bible and trying to convince us that we are going to hell because we worship on Sunday, because if you break one law, you break them all. So he was saying that we will be among the murderers, rapists and other stuff like that in the last day. So it was kind of interesting. That is about it. I will have to catch you all later.

Much love,
Elder Hutchings

Colby's letter April 30, 2007

Well this week has been way rad. We got two new investagators. One is a Haitian lady that is really busy with school. Elder Welker has been trying to get a hold of her for quite some time now and then we taught her an awesome lesson. The other investigator was more of a pass off but we are very excited about that. One day Elder Welker and I talked with this self proclaimed prophet for quite some time. He told us a story of how he was saved at this huge convention and these different stories about what he has seen. He went on for some time, but then we introduced the Book of Mormon. We taught him about it and while we were teaching about it he starts mumbling stuff. We asked him what he said? He then gave us the response, "Oh nothing. I was just praying in tongues about that book there, and the Holy Spirit is telling me it is of the Devil." So that was pretty interesting. It was fun talking to him though. He was a very nice guy and knew his bible very well. Oh yes, he made a prophesy of what Elder Welker is going to do when he grows up. But good old george is awesome.
Like usual we went over to Magdey and then also the Family Cantan's houses. We taught them with Martine (the member that knows sign language really well) and that is always fun, and i am slowly picking up on signing.
I had zone conference this past Saturday. Right after, we went on splitz with the zone leaders and that was really fun. I went with Elder Bradshaw and he is from Sugarhouse. He is way cool. I actually ended up trading a tie with him because he had a worthy collection to trade with. I think that is about it for this week. I don't think i have anything else.
Much Love,
Elder Colby Hutchings

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lordy, Lordy, Look who is ? FORTY SIX!!!!!!!

Well, it has been a long time since anyone blogged. I guess it is another important date to our family. Who could it be?
This person is a male. He was born of "Goodly parents". He loves his parents. He has graduated from High School, and has graduated from College. He loves to ski, ride motorcycles, golf, fish, playing sports. He loves work, computers, cell phones. He loves cameras, taking pictures, working on pictures with adobe photoshop. He loves his friends, his co-workers, his neighbors and family. He is loved by his wife and his 4 children. We love him and respect him.
He has the personality of driving down a dirt road and won't turn back until he reaches the end of that dirt road, he doesn't want to miss out on anything. He brings happiness through his words to his family and his friends. He is a leader. He is the 7th of 8 kids. He is the youngest son. He has visited 44 of the 50 states. He has travelled to many different countries. His favorite is the Eastern Asia countries. One of his favorite movies is Young Frankentstein. He and his wife were engaged on two different days in two different states.
Many people love this man, but mostly his wife and his children. He is turning 46 this year. We love you very much. He is my "babe", he is my friend, he is my husband, he is my confidant, he is my love. Happy Birthday, Babe.
Hey Dad,
Well this is a shout out for my pops. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Well it has been a good time, you are the greatest. Well as I come closer and closer to approaching half your age it is a good time to reflect on the good times of the past. I have such fond memories of my Dad, even if the event you first blogged about, the one in the church bathroom, has eluded my memory. I have great memories of camping and fishing roadtrips and the ever famous manifold roast (even if Colby couldn't hold it down). Well I have learned a lot from you Dad, you have always been a great example of how to treat others and how to take responsibility for what we do. I have learned a lot and had a good time doing it. Thanks for always being there to talk to after the late night dates. It has meant a lot to have you there and interested. I have to thank you for all the love and support, whether it was having you there and interested at night or writing me weekly in Thailand you have always been there. Dad there is so much that I admire about you, thanks for your example. Here's to you pops. Have a good one this year. Happy Birthday. Tribute.
Much Love,
Yo' Baby Boy

hola daddy!!!
Happy birthday! I love you so much. So how old are you?35? 36? Wow you're getting really old, but I will always love you at any age. I can't wait to go on another daddy daughter date. It has been so long since we had one I really enjoy them. I just want you to know of that you've been such an example to me. Ever since I was a little girl you've always been the one I would talk to, expecially when we went shopping. haha. I will always remember the nicknames that you gamv me, like Lyser, princess, magoo, pumkin, lys, etc. One thing that I remember when I go to bed you always say: " love" (me)"I love daddy". So I love you so much daddy!!! Happy Birthday!
your loving daughter,
Once upon a time…Happy Birthday old man. I hope this is a good one for you. Man you are old, but you know what they say about age and wisdom. There is virtually no connection. Thanks for everything you do. I appreciate all the opportunities we have to talk and spend time together. You are the best Dad a guy could ask for. So I understand this is a tribute to you. I hope you know that you have always been a model for me both in fatherhood as well as a person. I have always looked up to you. I appreciate more than anything the example you have set for us. So here’s to you. I love you Old Man. Happy B-day.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twenty Two years

Twenty two years ago, was a day of delight. I had lost at least twelve pounds of weight. By losing that wonderful weight, I was finally able to see my beautiful little boys, but not for almost 24 hours.

The little guys tried to come one month early. So I was put on bed rest. Man that was very rough. I felt fine, but I was in labor. I thought, if that is what labor is like, it would be a cinch. Down the hall, I heard a hispanic lady that didn't speak any English, and the nurses didn't speak any Spanish, she was screaming very loud for everyone to hear. I thought to myself, I was NOT going to do that. I also asked the doctors why they just didn't take the babies now. They said their lungs were not developed and they would be attached to a lot of tubes. Well, the doctors sent me home to bed rest and some medicine to stop the labor.

The morning of March 28, 1985, my water broke. Dean wanted to take a shower and shave. He didn't want his babies to come into the world with a Dad that was unshaven and unshowered. We were then off to the hospital. We were in our room and guess what? I come a full course of what labor really is. Soon the anetesioligist came by and I wanted to have a epidural. But before that happened, I did let out one loud scream, not long, but loud. The epidural was good, but not quite good enough. The problem is that the pain doctor went to lunch. Didn't he know that I would need him. After llunch, he came to check on me. I told him it was pretty painful. He said he would give me more pain medicine, and he left the room. My back was to the door. I loudly said, "WHERE IS THE ___ DOCTOR!!!!" Dean then told me, "He is right behind you." I was so embarrased. I decided I would be a better patient. To say the least, I was feeling no pain after that incident. The nurse came and checked to see how far along I was. The nurse was

surprised and soon I was being wheeled into the delivery room.

In the delivery room, I was in a pain free mode. The doctor had his hand on my stomach and would tell me when I should push. I could not feel labor pains. Well, six pushes later, the first baby, Twin A, Tyler, was born. However, Twin B's foot was right there too. I believe Twin B, Bryson kicked Tyler out of the womb. They tried to turn Bryson around, but he decided he would slide right into the world. This all took place at 2:47 p.m. and 2:53 p.m. There was a team of nurses cleaning up of my little boys. They wrapped them up and showed them to me and then took them upstairs to put them under a lamp to stay warm. That was the last I saw them until the next day at noon. I had to stay in labor and delivery until my vital were stable. I had toxemia. They took me upstairs the next day, and then I saw my precious boys.

Tyler and Bryson have been so much a like and yet so different. They have always been great boys. They are self motivators, reliable, dependable, great sense of humor and strong in their beliefs. They have always been easy children to raise. They have always did their homework without being asked. They know what has to be done and they do it. They are great examples for their friends, brother, sister, and their parents.

We love them so much and we are so very lucky to have them as our children. Tyler and Bryson, we love you Happy Birthday Sons.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


RUT 7 – It has been about a month now since my last RUT, and it is about time for me to write again. I had the coolest experience yesterday, and I have to write about it. It is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Anyway, I am in Southern Mexico right now, in a town called Haultulco, on the Pacific Ocean. My brother, some friends of his and I flew down to Oaxaca last Friday.

We spent Friday night and Saturday in Oaxaca where we went to Monte Alban, an ancient Indian ruin. We left Oaxaca on Sunday morning and drove down to Hualtulco. It is about an eight hour drive through the mountains to get from Oaxaca to Hualtulco. Oaxaca is at about 4800 feet above sea level, and it is desert-like this time of the year. We climbed to over 8,000 feet where it was green, and cloudy. Then we went down towards the ocean, and at about 6,000 feet we went into a very green jungle. Then at about 2,000 feet we were back into the desert. The coast line is very brown right now because we are at the end of the dry season. It was the windiest road I have been on in my life. For those of you who have been to San Francisco, picture six hours of Lombard Street. Anyway, one of us, who shall not be named, left his breakfast on the side of the road on our way up the hill. His lunch was later deposited on the downside of the hill. I have pictures of it, but I thought they were too graphic for the site.

Anyway, the reason for the RUT. We went out deep sea fishing yesterday, and then over to a secluded cove where we went snorkeling. After we finished snorkeling, we were on our way back to the docks when the captain of the boat said he saw a whale about 400 yards ahead of us. First, you have to remember that we were in a boat that is about 20 feet long and seats about eight people. It is not a big boat. Anyway, we took off toward where the captain saw the whale, and then we stopped and waited.

We sat for about a minute or two with me sitting on the bow of the boat with my camera at the ready. All of the sudden, no more then ten feet in front of me, a humpback whale came head first out of the water, and looked me right in the eye before doing a complete belly flop right along side of the boat. I held the shutter of the camera down, but he was too close, so the camera couldn’t focus on him in time, and I didn’t get a picture, but as soon as I saw he was going to come back down in a belly flop, I quickly put my camera behind me, and it was lucky I did, because it was like a wall of water coming over me, and I was soaked from head to toe by the splash. It was only a baby humpback, which was good, because otherwise our boat would have been swamped. Even though it was a baby, it had to have come out of the water by at least ten feet, and it had to have been about as long as the boat.

After he soaked us, he swam off to his mother, and I did get some pictures of him and his mom swimming away. It was certainly the experience of a lifetime.

Today is Tuesday, and we went scuba diving today. We saw a ton of great sea life, including a bunch of manta rays and some moray eels.