Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twenty Two years

Twenty two years ago, was a day of delight. I had lost at least twelve pounds of weight. By losing that wonderful weight, I was finally able to see my beautiful little boys, but not for almost 24 hours.

The little guys tried to come one month early. So I was put on bed rest. Man that was very rough. I felt fine, but I was in labor. I thought, if that is what labor is like, it would be a cinch. Down the hall, I heard a hispanic lady that didn't speak any English, and the nurses didn't speak any Spanish, she was screaming very loud for everyone to hear. I thought to myself, I was NOT going to do that. I also asked the doctors why they just didn't take the babies now. They said their lungs were not developed and they would be attached to a lot of tubes. Well, the doctors sent me home to bed rest and some medicine to stop the labor.

The morning of March 28, 1985, my water broke. Dean wanted to take a shower and shave. He didn't want his babies to come into the world with a Dad that was unshaven and unshowered. We were then off to the hospital. We were in our room and guess what? I come a full course of what labor really is. Soon the anetesioligist came by and I wanted to have a epidural. But before that happened, I did let out one loud scream, not long, but loud. The epidural was good, but not quite good enough. The problem is that the pain doctor went to lunch. Didn't he know that I would need him. After llunch, he came to check on me. I told him it was pretty painful. He said he would give me more pain medicine, and he left the room. My back was to the door. I loudly said, "WHERE IS THE ___ DOCTOR!!!!" Dean then told me, "He is right behind you." I was so embarrased. I decided I would be a better patient. To say the least, I was feeling no pain after that incident. The nurse came and checked to see how far along I was. The nurse was

surprised and soon I was being wheeled into the delivery room.

In the delivery room, I was in a pain free mode. The doctor had his hand on my stomach and would tell me when I should push. I could not feel labor pains. Well, six pushes later, the first baby, Twin A, Tyler, was born. However, Twin B's foot was right there too. I believe Twin B, Bryson kicked Tyler out of the womb. They tried to turn Bryson around, but he decided he would slide right into the world. This all took place at 2:47 p.m. and 2:53 p.m. There was a team of nurses cleaning up of my little boys. They wrapped them up and showed them to me and then took them upstairs to put them under a lamp to stay warm. That was the last I saw them until the next day at noon. I had to stay in labor and delivery until my vital were stable. I had toxemia. They took me upstairs the next day, and then I saw my precious boys.

Tyler and Bryson have been so much a like and yet so different. They have always been great boys. They are self motivators, reliable, dependable, great sense of humor and strong in their beliefs. They have always been easy children to raise. They have always did their homework without being asked. They know what has to be done and they do it. They are great examples for their friends, brother, sister, and their parents.

We love them so much and we are so very lucky to have them as our children. Tyler and Bryson, we love you Happy Birthday Sons.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


RUT 7 – It has been about a month now since my last RUT, and it is about time for me to write again. I had the coolest experience yesterday, and I have to write about it. It is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Anyway, I am in Southern Mexico right now, in a town called Haultulco, on the Pacific Ocean. My brother, some friends of his and I flew down to Oaxaca last Friday.

We spent Friday night and Saturday in Oaxaca where we went to Monte Alban, an ancient Indian ruin. We left Oaxaca on Sunday morning and drove down to Hualtulco. It is about an eight hour drive through the mountains to get from Oaxaca to Hualtulco. Oaxaca is at about 4800 feet above sea level, and it is desert-like this time of the year. We climbed to over 8,000 feet where it was green, and cloudy. Then we went down towards the ocean, and at about 6,000 feet we went into a very green jungle. Then at about 2,000 feet we were back into the desert. The coast line is very brown right now because we are at the end of the dry season. It was the windiest road I have been on in my life. For those of you who have been to San Francisco, picture six hours of Lombard Street. Anyway, one of us, who shall not be named, left his breakfast on the side of the road on our way up the hill. His lunch was later deposited on the downside of the hill. I have pictures of it, but I thought they were too graphic for the site.

Anyway, the reason for the RUT. We went out deep sea fishing yesterday, and then over to a secluded cove where we went snorkeling. After we finished snorkeling, we were on our way back to the docks when the captain of the boat said he saw a whale about 400 yards ahead of us. First, you have to remember that we were in a boat that is about 20 feet long and seats about eight people. It is not a big boat. Anyway, we took off toward where the captain saw the whale, and then we stopped and waited.

We sat for about a minute or two with me sitting on the bow of the boat with my camera at the ready. All of the sudden, no more then ten feet in front of me, a humpback whale came head first out of the water, and looked me right in the eye before doing a complete belly flop right along side of the boat. I held the shutter of the camera down, but he was too close, so the camera couldn’t focus on him in time, and I didn’t get a picture, but as soon as I saw he was going to come back down in a belly flop, I quickly put my camera behind me, and it was lucky I did, because it was like a wall of water coming over me, and I was soaked from head to toe by the splash. It was only a baby humpback, which was good, because otherwise our boat would have been swamped. Even though it was a baby, it had to have come out of the water by at least ten feet, and it had to have been about as long as the boat.

After he soaked us, he swam off to his mother, and I did get some pictures of him and his mom swimming away. It was certainly the experience of a lifetime.

Today is Tuesday, and we went scuba diving today. We saw a ton of great sea life, including a bunch of manta rays and some moray eels.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Donald B. Hutchings--a Legacy

Well, somehow I have lost a few days. I don't know where I have been lately. I wanted to have a special blog dedicated to a very special man. This man was very special to me. On March 10, 2002, a great man passed to another life. This man was and is my father-in-law.
He had the most clever, and funny sayings. He loved to keep busy by a numerous different ways. He loved writing his history. He wrote the stories of his life and of his family. They are very entertaining. Donald Hutchings enjoyed painting. He was a self taught artist. He would watch the painting shows on television and then apply the paint to the canvas. He has left many painting for his posterity. Don also loved wood. He spent many hours making shelves, houses, cabinets, bowls, and his famous birds. He taught many of his grand kids how to make these birds. Many people own them and many own flocks of them. Each one is different and finished with love.
Grandpa Hutchings was loved and admired by his friends, family, kids, and grand kids. He loved them with all his heart. Heart is something he was filled with. He would be there to help build a cabin, finish a basement, help in a garden, help a neighbor, and support all those in need of help.

Donald did not do things in an ordinary way. He was a trailblazer. He cut his own path. He will be known for his known sayings, and phrases. His huge red, white, and blue tie. His no tv pills, he gave out to his Church ward members. Donating time and materials, to remodel another faith's chapel. His countless hunting trips, the fishing trips, the desert trips, the beach trips and the Mexico trip. We will all remember the trip to Washington DC.

For all those who drove with Grandpa Hutchings will account for the near death experiences. Though we all live to tell about them, we love him dearly and have great stories.

Though he was called many different names--Grandpa Hutchings, Don, Donald, Honey, Dear, and probably a lot of unmentionables--but know that I call him Dad. He definitely filled very large shoes. My father died in January of 1991. Dad was there for me and took the role of my father. He loved me and supported me. I love him as my Dad. Thanks Dad for being my Dad!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Where did the Spreewells go?

I want to discuss if I might a topic of supreme importance. Most basically stated as where did the Spreewell’s go. For those of you less informed readers this title begs an explanation. Latrell Spreewell a professional basketball who has made his mark on the sport of basketball with many controversial acts made his contribution to society in a different way. HE introduced and popularized the spinner rims. I’ll break it down even simpler. Spinners are wheel covers which spin independently of the wheel itself when the brakes are applied. A trend that found it’s way into everything from footwear to belt buckles, and even onto snowboards. Which brings us full circle back to where did they go?

This seems to be a reoccurring theme among things that I enjoy so much. Among other things I have noticed a similar trend in bling. "Bling-bling" (usually shortened to simply "bling") is a hip hop slang term which refers to expensive jewelry (as seen at Bling Bling Online). And what about those shiny grillz we so adamently loved? And when was the last time you read about a rapper being shot? It has been far to long. It is a disturbing trend and the purpose of this RUD is to address some of the causes behind this trend as well as some of the detrimental effects.

At work I often have the opportunity to surf the web. Lately there has been an increased public concern towards white supremacist attitudes. I read on about a resurgence of the klan. Could these unnerving trends be to blame?... All sources point to yes. And what about boys wearing girls pants? 50 don’t roll that way, but that is the subject for another blog.

The question is where does that leave us now? I can’t speak for the entire population, but I know personally it leaves me worried for the future of this great nation. This is the call to action, go out get “a grill”, buy pants that are far to big, buy those spinners (even if they are the wal-mart special, isn’t that truly embracing the culture), and always remember drop it like it’s hot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Don't forget to dream

Dreams--there are different kinds of dreams. There are dreams when you sleep, but those are not the dreams I am wanting to blog about. The dreams I am wanting to talk about are the dreams you thought about when you were a kid, teenager, young adult, young married, older married, older and elder married.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a stewardess. I wanted to help people on the plane and serve them their coffee, tea, or soda, and their peanuts or meals.

I wanted a prince to come save me from a high tower, and sweep me off my feet, and live happily ever after.

As years went on and started to grow older, so did my dreams. My dreams matured, and also my idea of my "prince" matured also. I believe that it is so important to know what your "prince" or "princess" will be like in your teenage years. It will help make your decision during your young adult years a little easier, because you have the thoughts and ideas of what you want your prince or princess will be.

At this time, it is important to have ideas and desires of what you want to want in your life. It doesn't hurt to reach or dream for the stars. It is good to know what direction your life is going. It is important to continue growing in life by striving for your dreams.

As time goes on, some dreams are put on hold, some dreams are fulfilled, and some dreams, won't ever come to be, but it is important to dream. Have something to work for, have something to dream for and dream about

Remember to have your dreams as a couple, but don't forget "your" hopes and "your" dreams.