Monday, April 30, 2007

Colby's April 23, 2007

Alright, so it is the first P day here and it is way rad out here. I left the MTC at 4:00 in the morning on Monday. I said my good byes and departed from Elder Shaw, my MTC companion, and all of the other elders who were going to other places than Montreal. I saw everyone, my family, at the airport. We then flew to Chicago, and were at the airport for 45 minutes and then we arrived at Montreal. After we flew in, we went to the president's house and just chilled. It was actually a nice relaxing time. Then we had dinner, then we had FHE and then we went to bed.
The second day was way awesome. It started off with some initiatory things like training and whatever. Then we met with the president. We then went on some exchanges with a bunch of different elders. I went with Elder Applegate. We went to a question and answer meeting with a 20 yr old Hatian girl and that lasted quite a while. Towards the end of the meeting, her mom came out with two bowls of soup for Elder Applegate and me. So we started eating as she continued to ask questions. Elder Applegate answered the questions and I just try to keep up with the conversation trying to translate in my head. Translating is very exhausting and my head hurt quite a bit. Back to the girl, she went out of the room for a second and Elder Applegate pulls something out of his mouth and said, "I will tell you what that is in a while." So I continued eating my soup and it was way delicious. She kept asking questions and he answers them, while I try to translate in my head while eating the soup. Then it came time for us to go and so we left the apartment. On the way to the bus stop, I ask him what he pulled out of his mouth and his response was, "well my friend that was a cow's toenail...yes you just ate Cow Foot Soup." I mean how awesome is that...I ate Cow Foot Soup on my first day and it was so good.
My area is really sweet. My trainer is Elder Welker of Idaho Falls. He goes home in two months, so I think he is a little trunky, but whatever. The work is still moving, and my area rocks. We have a family, the Draou, that were Muslim but they are really close to baptism. They are amazingly nice and it will be fun working with them. By far the coolest part is a recent convert and his wife that we are still teaching and then another couple in the ward, the Cantan family. (So I am going to go off here for a second. Let me tell you about my first area in Canada, I am on the Island of Montreal. Speaking French and learning French is really difficult, with contacting and teaching etc...) So back to the RC (recent convert) and his wife and then the Family Cantan both couples are deaf, so now I get to learn French Sign language also. How cool is that!!!! Oh, I am so excited. It is so much fun to see and pick up different signings here and there, it is just awesome. We also have a ward member Martine that does most of the signing. She is very good at signing and that helps out a ton. She teaches us sometimes too.
The only thing I can think to tell you is that we had a meeting with a 7th day Adventist. That was very difficult because he was there to bible bash with us. There was just a lot of contention in the room and so I ended up saying, in my broken French that the meeting was ridiculous, and we were here to share with him the Book of Mormon. We invited him to pray about it. He went off again. He was bringing up scriptures in the Bible and trying to convince us that we are going to hell because we worship on Sunday, because if you break one law, you break them all. So he was saying that we will be among the murderers, rapists and other stuff like that in the last day. So it was kind of interesting. That is about it. I will have to catch you all later.

Much love,
Elder Hutchings

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