Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twenty Two years

Twenty two years ago, was a day of delight. I had lost at least twelve pounds of weight. By losing that wonderful weight, I was finally able to see my beautiful little boys, but not for almost 24 hours.

The little guys tried to come one month early. So I was put on bed rest. Man that was very rough. I felt fine, but I was in labor. I thought, if that is what labor is like, it would be a cinch. Down the hall, I heard a hispanic lady that didn't speak any English, and the nurses didn't speak any Spanish, she was screaming very loud for everyone to hear. I thought to myself, I was NOT going to do that. I also asked the doctors why they just didn't take the babies now. They said their lungs were not developed and they would be attached to a lot of tubes. Well, the doctors sent me home to bed rest and some medicine to stop the labor.

The morning of March 28, 1985, my water broke. Dean wanted to take a shower and shave. He didn't want his babies to come into the world with a Dad that was unshaven and unshowered. We were then off to the hospital. We were in our room and guess what? I come a full course of what labor really is. Soon the anetesioligist came by and I wanted to have a epidural. But before that happened, I did let out one loud scream, not long, but loud. The epidural was good, but not quite good enough. The problem is that the pain doctor went to lunch. Didn't he know that I would need him. After llunch, he came to check on me. I told him it was pretty painful. He said he would give me more pain medicine, and he left the room. My back was to the door. I loudly said, "WHERE IS THE ___ DOCTOR!!!!" Dean then told me, "He is right behind you." I was so embarrased. I decided I would be a better patient. To say the least, I was feeling no pain after that incident. The nurse came and checked to see how far along I was. The nurse was

surprised and soon I was being wheeled into the delivery room.

In the delivery room, I was in a pain free mode. The doctor had his hand on my stomach and would tell me when I should push. I could not feel labor pains. Well, six pushes later, the first baby, Twin A, Tyler, was born. However, Twin B's foot was right there too. I believe Twin B, Bryson kicked Tyler out of the womb. They tried to turn Bryson around, but he decided he would slide right into the world. This all took place at 2:47 p.m. and 2:53 p.m. There was a team of nurses cleaning up of my little boys. They wrapped them up and showed them to me and then took them upstairs to put them under a lamp to stay warm. That was the last I saw them until the next day at noon. I had to stay in labor and delivery until my vital were stable. I had toxemia. They took me upstairs the next day, and then I saw my precious boys.

Tyler and Bryson have been so much a like and yet so different. They have always been great boys. They are self motivators, reliable, dependable, great sense of humor and strong in their beliefs. They have always been easy children to raise. They have always did their homework without being asked. They know what has to be done and they do it. They are great examples for their friends, brother, sister, and their parents.

We love them so much and we are so very lucky to have them as our children. Tyler and Bryson, we love you Happy Birthday Sons.


Abbynormal said...

I absolutely loved reading that! Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah we are pretty much the best. What can I say. Thanks for the tribute.
Guess which one.

Abby's mom said...

That was fun to read. What a great memory! They ARE great guys...from what I've seen! But it helps to have great parents. I don't have to guess which one ... anonymous. You're SO humble.

Donnay said...

I remember visiting in the hospital and seeing those beautiful babies. I also remember their first birthday and the cute Carousel cakes you made for them and put on a blanket on the floor. I think it was Bryson that sat on his. Or maybe he sat on Tyler's...